Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another Way Being Organized Saves Money

I know that all of you have your own reasons for wanting to be more organized, but one of the best reasons to be organized is the money you save that you can spend on other things, be it something necessary or something you want.

Every year after school starts, stores begin to mark down their excess school supplies. During this time you can pick up bottles of glue for 10 cents, crayons for 15 cents, and many other great deals in that same vein. I wanted to take advantage of these deals for the following school year, but I knew that if I brought these items into the house they would get misplaced or taken for other projects, so I needed a plan.

So, I brought home a copy paper box from work, dumped the school supplies in it and put it on a shelf in the laudry room where no one could (or would want) to get to it like this:

Organizing doesn't have to be pretty.

I made sure that I bought only items that my kids needed for school year after year, things like spiral notebooks, folders, pencils, red pens, glue and glue sticks.

At the end of last school year I also scavenged through the supplies they brought home and took the ones still in good shape: an unopened package of notebook paper, a ruler that looked as if it hadn't been used, and various unsharpened pencils. I put these in the box along with overflow from the pen and pencil drawer we have in the kitchen and any other pencils we picked up as swag at various places.
When the school supply lists were released this year, I was able to pull half of the required supplies out of the box:

For my oldest daughter.

For my youngest daughter.

Not only did I get these school supplies at clearance prices (we paid 5 cents each for those spiral notebooks), I'm already halfway done with my school supply shopping!
This system worked so great for me last year that I can't wait for school supplies to go on clearance this fall.
Tell me how organizing saves you money.

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