Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quick Tip - Entryway

I am going to reveal my number one secret to keeping clutter out of your house, and the best part is - it will only cost you $1 (or less if you're resourceful).

Here are the steps:
1. Drive over to your local dollar store with a $1 bill and a dime (for tax).
2. Go inside and go to the container section.
3. Pick out a smallish trash can.
4. Pay for the trash can and ask them to put it in a bag for you. Ignore the strange look the clerk gives you.
5. Take trash can home.
6. Place just inside your front door where you set everything down when you come in and use the bag for the first trash liner.

Simple enough, right?

What? You want to know how this is going to keep clutter out of your house? Oh, okay.

Every time you bring a piece of paper in the front door - newspaper, mail, permission slip, and on and on - stand over the trash can while you open it. Any slip of paper you don't need, throw it away right away. This includes the fliers that come in your credit card envelopes, advertisements for stores you don't shop at, unsolicited mail .... By doing this, the piles of paper can't ever form and you never have to spend time sorting them out later.

I also see the beauty in doing this outside over your garbage cans, but not all of us (me included) is going to stand out in the heat or cold to sort out papers.

Pretty neat $1 trick, isn't it?

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